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Daniel P. Diaz is a candidate for City Commissioner of the 5th District of Pompano Beach, which includes the Palm Aire, Collier City, Cypress Bend, and John Knox Village communities. Daniel is a lifelong South Floridian who was born and raised in Miami in 1984, and later moved with his mother, brother, and step-father to Pompano Beach in 1998. He attended middle school, high school, and college while maintaining his permanent residence in Pompano Beach in the Palm Aire community.

Daniel received two college degrees in Business Administration & Political Science. Later he went back to school and received a Master of Arts Degree in Government with concentrations in Public Administration and Political Theory.

Daniel has a business background in insurance, financial investing, printing, and direct mail marketing. He is an entrepreneur who owns and operates a small business.

Daniel has been an active member in his community. He currently holds an officers position for a local charitable organization that helps the homeless and those in need throughout our community. He was previously Chairman of the Board of an organization that assists disabled children, and has been a football coach at the middle and high school levels.

Daniel loves his city, and has the vision, work ethic, and energy to bring positive change throughout Pompano Beach.



Safety & Security

As a long time resident of Pompano Beach, I care deeply for the safety and security of our neighborhoods in the 5th District. The 5th District of Pompano Beach is made up of the Palm Aire, Cypress Bend, Collier City, and John Knox Village communities. The safety of our residents is of the utmost importance to me, and this is why I want to spearhead an effort as Commissioner to stop crime before it starts.

As Commissioner I will work with the Broward Sheriff’s Office, local business owners, ministries, non-profits, and the county government to come up with solutions to prevent crime.

Fiscal Responsibility

As a City Commissioner I will be tasked with the great responsibility of being a steward of your taxpayer dollars to ensure that each dollar is spent responsibly and never wasted. I also have a duty to ensure that each Pompano Beach resident is not unfairly or overly taxed, because the more taxes you as a resident pay, the less money you have to spend on your family needs.

The City Commission needs a fresh perspective on how it spends your hard earned taxpayer dollars. I believe that the best way to serve you, if elected City Commissioner, is to bring a strong voice of fiscal responsibility to the City Commission and fight against wasteful spending.

The waste in the current budget is astounding—we could save millions in wasteful spending and prevent an increase in your taxes. This wasteful spending in our city caused the current City Commission to vote unanimously to raise your taxes by passing a 1% sales tax, this tax will show up on the ballot for you to vote on in November. I urge you to vote against this harmful sales tax.

This sales tax is unfair because it will cause a financial strain on many of the residents in Pompano Beach, especially low and fixed income residents. If I am elected City Commissioner I will fight against unfair taxes, like this sales tax, and I will fight against wasteful spending.

I will be your voice for fiscal responsibility, your fighter against wasteful spending and unfair taxation!


Our children deserve the best education possible. As a City Commissioner I have the utmost responsibility to ensure that our children receive the best opportunities available to learn and succeed. By investing in our children and ensuring that our schools perform well, our residents will want to stay and raise their families in Pompano Beach, more people will want to move into our city, our economy will improve, and our children will become better prepared for a future where they want to remain in Pompano Beach to raise their own families.

If I am elected City Commissioner I will work hard to collaborate with the School Board of Broward County, and the Broward Sheriff’s Office to implement a city initiative to set bold, measurable, and locally defined goals or targets in four specific areas to ensure every child has:

  • Opportunities to learn and grow;
  • A safe neighborhood to call home;
  • A healthy lifestyle and environment; and
  • A financially fit family in which to thrive.

By instituting an initiative that focuses in these areas, we will begin to see improvements not only in our children’s education, but in the overall vitality and growth of our city as a whole.

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District Map

Shown below is a video explaining how to use the district map to locate your precinct number and your voting location for election day.

Pompano Beach City Commission District #5 Map

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